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The Halo Pack


Age 16

Liam weighed only 3.5 pounds and was scheduled to be euthanized at the Orange County Shelter where he had been picked up as a stray. 

He was emaciated and filthy, with one eye injured and a broken tail. 


Dr. Martini, with Southwest Veterinary, diagnosed him with 3rd stage kidney failure. Liam's diagnosis means he is receiving love, lots of food, kisses and a soft bed for the time he has left. 


We feel blessed to give him this and as hard as hospice care is, we never regret it, knowing that his life could have ended on a cold exam table without him knowing he was loved. 





Sometimes, for one reason or another, a rescued dog or cat, never leaves our care. 


Halo's Pack includes those dogs and cats that are not able to be placed in homes. Sometimes it is only temporary while they are being worked with and sometimes it is for hospice care or permanent. 

We ask for your help sponsoring their lifetime care so that they can enjoy the best quality of life possible while calling Halo their forever home.





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