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Seniors for Seniors

Senior dogs are the perfect companions for senior humans! 

Scientific studies show that pets provide real health benefits to the humans who care for them:

  • Increased physical activity.

  • Increased socialization and engagement.

  • Lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

  • Less depression and a happier state of being.

  • Greater sense of physical security.

  • Love, affection and companionship. 


Halo is committed to making it as easy as possible for seniors to adopt. People over 60 years old qualify for our Seniors for Seniors adoption program, which includes a waived adoption fee and a month’s worth of supplies. 



How it works

Adopting a senior pup is easy! Here’s how.

  • If you are 60+ years of age, complete our Seniors for Seniors Adoption Questionnaire.

  • After Halo receives your questionnaire, we will help you find your perfect pup partner.

  • Once you’ve settled on a dog and completed the adoption agreement, you’ll receive a customized senior welcome kit. It includes your dog’s harness and collar, a leash, dog bowls, a starter supply of food and medication, a doggy bed, and, as needed, home modifications such as a doggy gate and stairs.

  • Halo waives its adoption fee on all Seniors for Seniors adoptions.


That’s it! Almost all our matches live happily ever after, but if it doesn’t work, or if future health challenges result in your being unable to care for your dog, Halo will happily reassume care of the pup. 


Questions? Please email


We have learned that there is a large population of seniors who missed having a pet and would love to be able to have one again but have understndable reservations. 


How would they even begin to find a pet? They didnt want to visit a shelter, it made them sad. What if they got one and it didnt work out? They wouldnt want to return it to a shelter; it might be euthanized. What if it made their life miserable? What would they do?


The initial expense is so high. Its not just the adoption fee or selling price, but what about the vet visit to get all the rest of the vet work done? Theres also the beginning supplies: food, a collar and leash, a bed, toys, etc.


What if they couldnt get it to a vet or a groomer? Some seniors had given up having a pet because they no longer drove; some anticipated the day that they may have to give up their car.


What if they had to spend time in a hospital or nursing home? Some stays can last weeks or even months. They wouldnt know what to do with their pet. Paying board could cost a fortune if the stay was prolonged.


What if their pet needed emergency surgery or veterinarian care? What if they didnt have the money at the time? Or even if they could pay for it, what if it needed after care that they couldnt provide?


What if they reached a point where they could no longer care for the animal? What would happen to it? Would it have to go to an animal control or be euthanized?


Our Seniors for Seniors commitment is simple: We back up the adoption of our older pets by offering solutions for the problems that keep senior citizens from having pets. If a senior citizen 60 years or older wants to adopt a dog or cat, our organization commits to:


  1. If an animal is chosen and it doesnt work out, we will always take the animal back.
  2. If needed, Halo provides free transportation to take the pet to a veterinarian or a groomer. We will even give a bath or toe nail trim and ear cleaning for a small donation or no fee. A few senior adopters rely on us to drop off food or kitty litter periodically because they dont drive.

  3. If an adopter needs to spend time in a hospital or nursing home, we will take care of their pet at no charge until they are home and able to take it back. 

  4. We have started an emergency fund for unexpected veterinary emergencies. Although we are not yet able to help enough seniors to make this fund widely known, we hope that someday we are able to give no interest loans for medical pet emergencies allowing the senior to pay it back at a rate they can easily afford.

  5. We are available to help with a pets aftercare if needed. 

  6. If an adopter can no longer take care of its pet, permanently enters a nursing home or passes away, we will always take the pup back.

  7. We are available to help in any way we can. 

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