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Before You Adopt

We're so excited that you're considering adopting a Halo Dog!

This information is in no way intended to discourage you from adopting a dog. The purpose is for you to understand and be informed of what kind of commitment it takes to be a responsible pet owner, especially when you’re planning on adopting a rescue dog.  Most of the dogs that we have for adoption will have come from less than desirable situations. That is, they may have been abandoned or sometimes abused; they arrive in shelters malnourished and sometimes suffering from diseases. By the time our dogs reach us, many have been through a lot.


As soon as a Halo saves a dog from death in a shelter, the dog is immediately taken to a vet to receive any necessary vaccinations and to have a complete checkup. If the dog has not yet been spayed or neutered, surgery is scheduled and completed prior to the dog becoming available for adoption. During this time, the dog is placed in a foster home where he or she receives love, training, and socialization. When a dog transitions from a foster home to a new adoptive home, there will be setbacks. If they are already housebroken, they may have accidents in their new environment. They may be nervous about going into a crate or they may even be nervous about leaving their crate. They will need time to adjust to their new family and to feel safe and learn all of the house rules. During this time, you will need to be patient and consistent with your new family member.


Adoption should be considered a lifetime commitment, no matter what your personal situation is, even if it changes. It is important to be aware that being a guardian to a pet can be expensive. You must provide food, monthly heartworm medication, monthly flea and tick medication, yearly shots, regular dental visits and routine checkups. There may also be potential illness and emergency situations that require expensive lifesaving medical treatment. Not being prepared for these things is how many of these dogs end up needing to be rescued, not through any fault of the dog, but by a guardian not understanding the expense and time commitment that can be involved when adopting a pet. 


If you are ready to make a commitment to one of our Halo pups, please read the adoption process and complete the application to take the next steps in adopting your new family member. 



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