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You've got questions, we've got answers! 

Check out some commonly asked questions below. Not finding the answer to your question?              Email us at and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

  • How long do I need to foster?
    We can only rescue as many dogs as we have foster homes for, so we ask for a one month minimum commitment.
  • I dont live in the Reno area.
    If you are in Northern Nevada or Northern California area, we can use you!
  • How much time does fostering require?
    We rely on fosters to provide basic care for each dog which includes feeding them, walking them, giving them a safe place to sleep, teaching them basic manners, etc. Each dog is different. Some dogs will require a lot of attention (like puppies) and some dogs will not require as much.
  • I don't have any supplies (dog food,crate, etc.). Do I have to buy them? "
    Halo will give you the supplies (crate, food, bowls, leash, collar/harness) you need. However, since we are all volunteer led, any donations you can provide to the dog will be greatly appreciated!
  • Do I have to take the dog to the vet? Who will pay for it?
    Depending on the dog’s situation, you may have to transport the dog to get vaccines, surgery, etc. Halo will cover these costs. Requests for veterinary care must be approved through your foster contact. Please call or text them as soon the need arises.
  • I have my own dogs. Does this mean I cannot foster?
    Not at all! Depending on how your dog does with other dogs, this could be a wonderful opportunity to train your foster dog and build his/her confidence. However, it is important to note that while a foster dog is in your care, you must keep them separated when unattended. It’s also important to note that as you get to know your foster dog, it is best to keep all dogs on leash until you are comfortable. When in doubt, just keep them separated and on leash.
  • Do I need to attend adoption events with the dog?
    These are great places for dogs to meet potential adopters and you are welcome to attend, but if you are unable to we can pick up and drop off the dog. A Halo adoption cordinator is always on site for adoption events.
  • What if I have travel plans while a dog is in my care?
    Halo will assist in finding another foster to care for the dog while you are away.
  • What else do I need to do?
    Promote your foster dog via social network sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Craigslist, post fliers, etc.) Get creative in helping your foster dog find the perfect home! Provide us with a short bio and pictures so we can add to our website and Petfinder.
  • What if I fall in love with my foster dog and want to keep him/her?
    That has happened before… to many of us! Of course you can adopt your foster dog. We would hope that you would consider remaining a foster so other dogs have a chance at such a great home one day too.
  • I am ready to get started.
    Great! Fill out our foster application here and we will get the ball rolling.
  • I can't foster right now. How else can I help?
    Volunteer! At our next Adoption Event you can help set up, handle dogs, collect donations. You can assist in transporting dogs to events, vet appointments etc. Join our Posting Team and post our dogs and events on Social Media, Craigslist, etc! For more information visit our Volunteer page. Donate! We always appreciate donations to help with our vet bills. Many companies offer a matching gift program as well. Share! Commit to sharing dogs looking for homes via your social network site. You never know who in your friends list is looking for a dog. Pledge to adopt your next dog! Contact your local shelter and local rescue organizations. Don’t breed or buy while homeless dogs die.
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