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What's Next

We've got big dreams.
 Halo is looking for a special place to build an animal sanctuary.

Halo Haven, a rescue and adoption center, and the answer to our current housing shortage problem, is now in th eplanning. Set to be built on 2 acres of land, graciously donated to PALS by the fine people at Sycamore Lane Kennels and Farm, PALS Haven will serve both as a sanctuary, and an adoption center. In addition to kennels that can house 43 dogs, and indoor space to house 50 cats, PALS Haven will also have its own veterinary facility, including an operating room, and quarantine bays, which will help PALS significantly reduce medical care costs. 


A significant portion of the funds needed to realize the dream of Halo Haven has been provided by a generous donor. 


Our goal is to have room to house up to fifty dogs and twenty-five cats.


The Halo Sanctuary will provide them a safe and forever home if needed. Currently being planned in Northern California, the Sanctuary has a target date of January 1, 2019.  

Halo Haven – One Step Closer to Home


We imagine a place that mimics a home environment combined with a unique adoption center. Since Halo's goal with every rescued animal is to place it in a loving, responsible home the first step to getting them there is to allow the animals to live in a real home environment and to not be confined. This allows the animals the ability to socialize with one another and helps in the transition to an adopted home where they will be able to easily live with other animals and family members.



Families wanting to adopt will be invited to Halo Haven, during adoption hours or by appointment, to meet the animals available for adoption. This allows them to see and be seen, where they feel comfortable and where their true personalities can shine. 


Halo will focus on sick and injured animals and work to nurse those animals back to health so that they are ready for thier new homes. Although they will always have a home with Halo if it's needed, once healthy we will work to find them a loving, responsible home. 



Halo's motto is “Every Life Matters” and to that end, they strive to be the advocate for the animal in everything that they do.






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